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What are the common faults in hydraulic presses? How to row except?

Release date: 2019-09-17 17:28:06 Visits: 25

1. Ordinary hydraulic punching crankshaft bearing heating The bushing is not good, the lubrication is re-scraped and the lubrication is checked.
2. There is a lack of lubricating oil in the oil flowing out of the bearing. The lubricating oil is not cleaned to check the lubrication condition, and the bearing is disassembled for cleaning.
3, the guide rail cauterization guide rail clearance is too small, lubrication, contact re-scraping the guide rail, adjust the gap, pay attention to lubrication.
4. When the clutch is not combined or combined, the rotation of the spring will not be able to open. The spring will lose its elasticity. The key will be over-tightened and the joint gap between the spring and the grinding button will be changed.
5. When the clutch is disengaged, the slider can''t stop at the top dead center. The brake belt has insufficient pulling force, the brake belt is excessively worn, the oil wheel is slipped on the brake wheel, the brake spring tension is adjusted, the brake is replaced, and the brake belt is washed with kerosene. and round weeks.
6. The material returning board does not work. The position of the material is not adjusted.
7. The connecting rod screw rotates or the impact locking device is loose. Rotating and locking device.
8. The connecting rod screw ball head is in contact with the ball pad gland in the slider ball pad, and the gland screw is loose. Scrape the ball head, the ball pad, and tighten the gland screw.
9. Press the button (open) hydraulic punching machine does not work. The power supply is disconnected, the thermal breaker is powered off, and the punch circuit system is faulty.
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